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China’s NPL-securitization goal to broaden investor base hinges on questionable demand for riskier tranches. [Debtwire, 2016.04.24]
Opportunity knocks in the East. [Private Debt Investor, November 2015]
Distressed Investors Wary of Riding China's Bad Loan Wave. [Dow Jones Private Equity Analyst, 2015.08.31]
Shoreline Capital closes overflow fund on 195m. [Private Debt Investor, 2015.07.27]
Shoreline Holds Final Closing on Overflow Fund. [Dow Jones LBO Wire, 2015.07.13]
Shoreline hauls $615m for China NPL strategy. [Private Debt Investor, 2015.07.11]
Shoreline, Oaktree Team Up for $168M Chinese Nonperforming Loan Deal. [Dow Jones LBO Wire, 2015.07.10]
Shoreline rides the China credit cycle. [Asian Venture Capital Journal, 2015.06.23]
Hedge Funds Join China Bad-Asset Rush as Li Gives Markets Role. [Bloomberg, 2015.06.17]
Shoreline Fund III raises $500 mln. [PE HUB, 2015.06.11]
Shoreline Capital closes on $500m for oversubscribed third Chinese distressed debt fund. [AltAssets Private Equity News, 2015.06.11]
Shoreline Capital Closes Oversubscribed Third Fund at $500M. [FINalternatives, 2015.06.11]
Shoreline Plans May 13 Final Close on Fund III. [Dow Jones LBO Wire, 2015.04.27]
EMPEA Professional Development Webcast: Chinese Private & Distressed Debt Investing – Opportunities & Challenges on February 12, 2015
EMPEA Professional Development Webcast: Chinese PE Market Overview on December 3, 2014
Shoreline Collects $285M for Latest Fund. [Dow Jones LBO Wire, 2014.09.18]
[Podcast] Benjamin Fanger: Ballooning Bad Loans In China Are The Next Great Opportunity. [China Money Network, 2014.07.23]
[Transcript of Podcast] Benjamin Fanger: Ballooning Bad Loans In China Are The Next Great Opportunity. [China Money Network, 2014.07.23]
China local SOE sales? More risk than opportunity. [MGO, 2014.06.27]
World’s Biggest Debt Load Lures Distressed Funds to China. [Bloomberg, 2014.06.026]
Shoreline bags $150m for third fund.[AltAssets, 2014.06.02]
Shoreline Raises $150M in First Closing of New Fund, Plans Fall Wrap-Up.[Dow Jones LBO Wire, 2014.05.30]
Views from the Field: Reflecting on 2013 and the Outlook for EM PE in 2014.[EMPEA, 2013.12]
Playing Doctor.[AVCJ, 2013.11.12]
Shoreline Sees Deal Flow Rise From Chinese Banks Offloading Bad Debt. [Dow Jones LBO Wire, 2013.10.08]
With few big deals, private equity moves to be Asia's new banker. [Reuters Asia Private Equity, 2013.08.05]
Shoreline Nears First Exit From Second Fund. [Dow Jones LBO Wire, 2013.04.09]
Shoreline Capital closes Fund II at over USD300m. [Private Equity Wire, 2013.03.27]
China distress-focused GP Shoreline raises $303m for Fund II. [AVCJ, 2013.03.26]
Shoreline Capital raises $300m for China distressed debt fund. [AltAssets, 2013.03.26]
China distressed fund raises $303m. [PEI, 2013.03.26]
Shoreline Capital's Fund II Is One-Third Invested at Final Close. [LBO Wire, 2013.03.25]
Press Release: Shoreline Capital Announces Fund II Closed Over US$300 million.[2013.03.25]
Back in Fashion: China's Bad Debt. [Wall Street Journal, 2013.02.10]
LBO PROFILE: Shoreline Capital Looks for China's Economic Weak Spots. [Dow Jones, 2012.08.27]
China-Focused Shoreline Reins In $265M for Lastest Vehicle. [LBO Wire, 2012.07.27]
Shoreline Capital's Fanger On China's Coming Debt Crisis. [Wall Street Journal, 2012.02]
China Tipped To See More NPL Deal Flow. [AVCJ, 2012.02]
Shoreline To Close Second Chinese Distressed Fund This Year. [LBO Wire, 2012.02]
"A Perfect Storm" in China’s Distressed Debt. [Reuters Insider (TV), 2010.07]
Low Lending Standards Provide NPL Opportunities in China.[Asian Investor, 2010.07]
Industry Q&A: Benjamin Fanger. [AVCJ,2010.02]
Distressed Investors Feel No Distress : Financial Crisis Create Opportunities For Special Situations Funds. [AVCJ , 2009.11]
Distressed Investors Mull Challenges Posed By Chinese Law. [Asian Investor, 2009.11]
After 3 Months, Shoreline Debut Fund Is One-Third Deployed. [Private Equity Analyst Plus, 2008.09]
Shoreline Capital Q&A: The Distressed Opportunity in China. [Wall Street Journal Online, 2008.09]
One Private-Equity Firm’s Busy China Niche – Bad Loans. [Wall Street Journal Online, 2008.09]
Doing Your Homework Pays in Chinese Distressed Debt. [Asian Investor, 2008.08]
Asian institutional investors putting money in China distressed debt. [Asia Asset Management, 2008.08]
Shoreline Capital Eyes Unsecured Distressed Assets in China. [Bloomberg, 2008.08]
Shoreline Closes New Fund. [2008.07]
Shoreline Closes Debut Fund on $178m. [2008.07]
Shoreline Raises Chinese Distressed Fund. [2008.07]
Shoreline Closes New Fund (Asia). [2008.07]
Shoreline Closes on China Distress at $178.1 million. [2008.07]
Shoreline Closes on China Distressed Fund Over-subscribed at $178 million. [2008.07]
Press Release: Shoreline Capital Closes Fund Targeting Distressed Assets in China. [2008.06.30]
Shoreline Capital closes RMB 7 billion deal in Guangdong. [2007.01]
Benjamin Fanger and Xiaolin Zhang met as MBA students at the University of Chicago . [Private Equity Online, 2006.09.16]
Shoreline Capital closes RMB 2 billion deal in Hunan. [2006.01]
Shoreline Capital closes RMB 1.9 billion deal in Changsha. [2006.01]

Shoreline Capital closes RMB 1.8 billion deal in Shenzhen. [2005.12]


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