Investment Strategy
Shoreline Capital focuses on the investment opportunities that result from misallocation of capital in China. To fully realize these opportunities, Shoreline has spent many years establishing a highly specialized team, proven platform and the required network in China.

The investments Shoreline Capital pursues have a few unique qualities: First, the loan portfolios or securities are usually those in which Shoreline can add value by creating information asymmetry between Shoreline and other parties through detailed due diligence and tapping into Shoreline’s local information network. Second, Shoreline focuses on investment opportunities with little or no competition. Third, Shoreline creates a variety of exit options for each deal that range from third party sales, to court resolutions, restructuring or listing. Finally, Shoreline finds deals in which its invested capital is sufficiently secured by hard assets and cash flows. This is achieved through thorough due diligence and Shoreline’s expertise in deal structures that enable effective enforcement in China.


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