Investment Portfolio - Structured Special Situation Financing
Aside from typical management issues facing corporations all over the world, Chinese companies have an added difficulty of staying in favor of China’s various and shifting policies. As an example, in 2010, China’s monetary policy involved arbitrarily sweeping lending directives that prohibited banks from providing credit to real estate developers regardless of how strong the companies’ balance sheets were. Developers had to look for other means to finance their growth. In 2010, well managed, healthy developers sought high-yield fully-secured debt financing from Shoreline. To date, Shoreline has engaged primarily in financing real estate developers in this context. But we anticipate that more and more Chinese companies in different industries will be looking for capital as Chinese credit continues to tighten in 2011. Additionally, Shoreline has seen more pre-IPO financing opportunities that involve convertible debt structures with which the firm has experience. As a known provider of capital and because of its competency in structuring cross-border investments, Shoreline has been able to source a large number of these structured special situation financings.
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