About Shoreline

Shoreline – An Established Investment Team with Proven Track Record since 2004

Investment opportunities in Chinese distress and private market inefficiencies are only visible to those who have deep local experience in the space. Shoreline Capital is staffed with local Chinese professionals who have intimate knowledge needed to navigate China’s financial and legal environments. Much of Shoreline’s staff comes from the legal field in China: some of them some bankruptcy lawyers and others joined Shoreline after servicing bad debt in local bank credit departments. Another significant portion of Shoreline’s team established their career in Chinese private equity and real estate development. These professionals come together as a one-of-a-kind team, equipped to find and create value in distressed debt and special situation investments in China. Successful investing in Chinese distressed also requires time-tested models, systems and methodology. Over the years Shoreline Capital has developed a proprietary information platform that covers deal sourcing, due diligence, pricing, acquisition and exits. Shoreline Capital has likely established the widest and deepest network of any distressed investor in China. The network consists of valuable local contacts in various fields, including business, finance, law and government. The sizeable network feeds Shoreline with intelligence that is essential in establishing information asymmetry vis-à-vis Shoreline’s competitors or asset-sellers. The firm’s unique team, proprietary investment platform and broadly established network in China contribute to Shoreline Capital’s consistent track record of superior risk-adjusted returns since 2004.

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